[coreboot] Lenovo Thinkpad T60p [issues]

Matias Jose Seco matiasjoseseco at care2.com
Mon Aug 22 12:00:09 CEST 2011

>In particular, im attemping to purchase one with this specs (only info
given by seller):
>CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200
>Socket: 479
>Chipset: 945PM
>GPU: ATI Mobility FireGL V5250 (PCIe 16x)
>Hd: SATA2
>CPU is officialy compatible with this model, as i see from supported
boards table.
>But could you tell me if the chipset 945PM is supported (no
graphics-integrated) since 945 is on the supported table (since 945 is
the family of chipsets),
>and if there are some problems for the GPU compatibility?
>For the Southbridge and SuperI\O information, i've requested those
information, giving him the instructions provided in coreboot's laptop
section to get them,
>but at the time he didn't answer me, and i also don't know if he just
uses windows.
>Regards, Matias
Seller gave me the Machine Type and Model of the laptop:
Machine Type: 8742
Model: Z19

Some caracteristics can be found in:


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