[coreboot] ASRock E350M1 demo image needed!

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sat Aug 20 08:14:52 CEST 2011

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:

]Hi Scott,
]a big THANK YOU for that image. I'm booting a openSUSE 11.4 (64bit) from
]a SATA DVD drive and that works just fine.
]Things I noticed:
]- NIC doesn't even show up in lspci

I attempted to fix the missing NIC problem a while back. It is due to
improper PCIe configuration. While the fix worked, there is some evidence it
is responsible for a new legacy USB boot fail problem.

]- Linux complains about missing info for HD Audio

I am not familiar with this problem. It is likely the interrupt routing is
not reported correctly though.

]- Linux complains about ACPI weirdnesses
]- Serial port shows no messages, but the serial port works under Linux
]just fine

The serial port logging is turned off because I was using that image for
fast boot testing. Boot from hardware reset to DOS prompt using an SSD drive
takes 600 or 700 ms as I remember. You could use the patch to recreate the
source code and then enable logging.

I believe with this image, the IDE interface is hidden and only the AHCI
interface at device 11h is visible. This was done because Windows boot is
slowed greatly by an IDE interface unless all drive positions are populated.
So be sure to enable AHCI when building SeaBIOS.


Am 17.08.2011 01:08 schrieb Scott Duplichan:
> Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> ]does anyone have a working ASRock E350M1 coreboot image with SeaBIOS?
> ]I hope to demo that board this weekend at the FrOSCon conference.
> Here is one from LinuxTag:
> http://notabs.org/coreboot/peter/asrock-e350m1-003
> Probably NIC doesn't work, but I think this one does work with USB boot.


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