[coreboot] POST code error "EE"

Abhinav Hardikar ahardyx at yahoo.in
Sat Aug 20 07:06:19 CEST 2011


I did as you said. Created the irq_tables.c file and added it.

I even created some more files.

-> j7bxan

I did the changes in the respective Kconfig files too. 

I know I could have made some patches too but I don't know how to make them. :P

But the keyb and all other Input devices are not working. I checked the IRQ tables of my mobo and they seem to be fine. Once the PC boot into the Linux Kernel on the HDD the Keyb starts working. Without the Keyb I can't boot into windows(dual boot).

I have attached the mobo manual also. It has the memory, I/O maps and IRQ tables.

And yes It is using the correct SuperIO Winbond W3977TF. Although on the Mobo it is EF, technically it should work since the vendor BIOS was using TF driver.

Thanx for all the help

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