[coreboot] E350M1 does not POST

perh52 at runbox.com perh52 at runbox.com
Thu Aug 18 18:37:24 CEST 2011

>>> Hi,
>>>> Upon booting, I get this:
>>> [...]
>>> you could try commit 0df0e14fb, that may or may not work, the commit after
>>> that broke fusion boards completely, apparently.
>>> Florian
>> Thank you! I can confirm that 0df0e14fb works properly.
>> -Marshall
>It looks like we have a regression. Is there some dependency on the
>other patches that have not yet been committed?

Unfortunately git bisect is no help here because the commit which caused
the regression was a huge one.

It's important that large patches are broken down into a set of small
comprehensible patches, each with an explanatory commit message.

<<quote from git-bisect-lk2009.html documentation>>
sometimes "interesting" changes of behavior in the software are
introduced in some commits.

In fact people are specially interested in commits that introduce a
"bad" behavior, called a bug or a regression. They are interested in
these commits because a commit (hopefully) contains a very small set
of source code changes. And it's much easier to understand and
properly fix a problem when you only need to check a very small set of
changes, than when you don't know where look in the first place.

So to help people find commits that introduce a "bad" behavior, the
"git bisect" set of commands was invented.

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