[coreboot] Modifying Coreboot to support a new processor

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Thank you for all the help!


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> Thanks Corey,
>  1. I agree that before reading through the code, it is better to first check
>     if the BIOS guides are available. However I would still like the answer to
>     my question if I wish to carry on with the investigation for now.
>  2. I am trying to work out an overview of the changes required for a start; a
>     bird's eye view of what the changes could turn out to be. What is the best
>     approach for this?
You will have to write "drivers" for all your components.

* Northbridge (integrated into CPU these days)
* Southbridge
* Super I/O / Embedded Controllers / Management Engine
* ...

Starting a new chipset port for a chipset of that complexity is probably
going to be 6 months to a year of work

I also seem to remember something about the iX CPUs having a different bus setup for the multiple northbridges, but I don't remember the specifics, and never looked into what changes might be needed to coreboot.


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