[coreboot] Modifying Coreboot to support a new processor

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>  Hi Everyone,****
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> I trust all are in the best of health. I am planning to use Coreboot as the
> BIOS for the new Intel 2nd Generation Processors. However Coreboot does
> not support this processor or its associated chipset. To better understand
> the efforts needed in the respective areas, I have hence begun comparing
> various features present in the datasheets of the Intel chipsets Coreboot
> presently supports with the chipset I plan to use. Based on these findings I
> am trying to come to the conclusion about the areas in the code that will
> require modifications. Is this the right approach? Or should I try
> differently? Please send me your suggestions.****
> ** **
> Thanks and Regards!****

Before you even bother looking into coreboot, contact your local Intel
representative about getting the BIOS programming guides for the CPUs and
chipsets you're interested in. They're covered by RS-NDA (Restriced Secret
Non-Disclosure Agreement), and there's a pretty good chance they won't hand
them out unless you've got a pretty darn good business case, especially
given their involvement with EFI. Not to dissuade you from Coreboot, but I
don't want to waste your time looking into it just to find out you can't get
the info you need to make it work.

Also, footers proclaiming the email confidential on messages to mailing
lists, especially publicly archived ones, are rather ridiculous ;)

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