[coreboot] 200 euros for altering the font in BIOS

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Aug 7 02:17:06 CEST 2011

Hi Meeku,

dove - railing wrote:
> I am prepared to offer 200 euros to any software engineer/s who
> is/are able to alter the BIOS fonts to a font that I prefer.

First, coreboot is not a BIOS modding forum. There are at least a few
actual BIOS modding forums, where you would be swamped with responses
from people who are both capable and incapable of doing whatever you
ask for, while the coreboot mailing list is simply not the good place
to ask.

Second, the system BIOS is not involved in initializing graphics at
all, and has nothing to do with fonts. The font you see in text mode
is either stored in mask memory in the graphics chip, or it is part
of the VGA BIOS; the isolated option ROM that knows how to initialize

Third, to achieve what you want it may not even be neccessary to
modify any firmware. Some operating systems natively support changing
the VGA text mode font. In other operating systems there are already
various font editors and other font utilities available, which will
allow you to very easily change the font at run time.


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