[coreboot] [flashrom] Failed Flash Dead Board

Schenk, John joschenk at uncc.edu
Fri Apr 22 21:50:22 CEST 2011

Thank you,

This evening I will attempt to verify the 8 pin device noted, below the lower right corner of the cardbus and below the TI PCI7412 Chip lower left.  I will reply to all with the BIOS chip info details later on.


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2011/4/22 Schenk, John <joschenk at uncc.edu>:
> Could anyone help in identifying the Phoenix BIOS Chip on the motherboard?

It looks like the chip is just below the lower right corner of the
cardbus frame: http://www.techex.biz/ebaybiz/pics/Motherboards/MBD-00544_02.jpg

> The objective is to replace and possibly experiment with Coreboot and
> Flashrom
> Gateway Nx860X Laptop
> Motherboard DA0PA6MB6E0
> HannStar J MV-4 94V-0 0630
> There are pictures and I could collect more if needed.
> John
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