[coreboot] coreboot and Clang/LLVM

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Mon Apr 25 21:05:40 CEST 2011

* Антон Кочков <anton.kochkov at gmail.com> [110423 06:55]:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to build coreboot with Clang/LLVM.  Why?
> Because Clang produce nice error/warning messages, which help find a bugs.
> Here will be discussion about such things.
> Attached first log:
>     ROMCC      mainboard/emulation/qemu-x86/bootblock.inc
> src/arch/x86/init/bootblock_simple.c:1:10: fatal error: 'bootblock_common.h' file not found
> #include <bootblock_common.h>

Looks like your checked out tree is messed up. It does not even die
calling clang, but ROMCC, on a file that certainly exists.


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