[coreboot] Dell Latitude D820

Florentin Demetrescu echelon at free.fr
Wed Apr 20 20:54:12 CEST 2011


Quoting Philippe LeCavalier <support at plecavalier.com>:

> To ensure I fully comprehend the risk here...Backing up the BIOS isn't
> my insurance policy; I'd actually have to replace the chip? Once I've
> got a clear understanding of the worst-case scenario I'll feel stronger
> about making a decision.

Actually, the worst case doesn't imply the replacing of the firmware chip: when
you fail a firmware update (or if your new firmware which you tries to load is
bugged), your computer will simply not boot, but the firmware component "per
se", is not actually "toasted" ("cramé" in french..). So, when bad things
arrive, usually there is still some hope because you only have to re-put the
original BIOS image into the firmware chip.
The bad news are that .. yes .. this operation does imply the desoldering of the
firmware chip (in many modern platforms this is a flash memory with SPI
interface in soic packaging with 8 pins) and the reflashing of the original
content whit an external programmer.. and of course the resoldering of the chip
on the motherboard.
The tricky part is that the pc motherboards are very fragile pcb circuits with
very fine tracks and they are soldered with Pb-free solder which is very nasty
to desolder (you have to heat the pad a lot..).
But this is doable... and it works!.. ;-)
And for the external programmer I let someone else to answer..
Hope this helps,

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