[coreboot] Dell Latitude D820

Philippe LeCavalier support at plecavalier.com
Tue Apr 19 20:22:13 CEST 2011

Hi All.

Just joined the list to find out your opinion on whether or not I should
put coreboot on my laptop.

First off, what do I gain? I read it's faster but I don't really think
my BIOS is slow. OR is it? Perhaps seeing is believing...

Second, I've created a small txt file for reference. Felt this mail
might get kinda bulky otherwise. So whatever isn't answered below
hopefully is in the file.

Step 1: A very brief description of your system: board vendor, board name, CPU,
northbridge, southbridge, and optionally other important details. 
Dell Latitude D820, Intel T2500(2.0GHz) CEntrino Duo, Intel 82801,Intel Mobile
945PM,  Nvidia Go 7400 256MB, Intel Pro 3945 minipci, Broadcom gigabit nic PCIe

Step 2: Linux "lspci -tvnn" output for your system, generated by booting Linux
via the original BIOS and runnning lspci.
See attached

Step 3: Super I/O chip on the mainboard (report the model numbers on the actual
chip, for example "Winbond W83627HF" and/or run "superiotool -dV").  
See attached

Step 4: Type of BIOS device (see the question "How do I identify the BIOS chip
on my mainboard?" below). Please send us the output of "flashrom -V" see
attached Step 5: URL to the mainboard specifications page (optional).

Step 6: Any other relevant information you can provide
I'm running Deb Wheezy with GRUB2
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