[coreboot] [RFC][PATCH]Added architecture ARM and option for cross-compile

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Apr 19 01:15:25 CEST 2011

Agree with Marc - well done everyone who is sending patches already!

Please continue sending small patches like this, they are easy to
review and comment on.

Hamo wrote:
> +choice
> +	prompt "Architecture"
> +	default ARCH_X86
> +	help
> +	  This option is used to set the architecture of Coreboot.
> +
> +config ARCH_X86
> +	bool "X86"
> +config ARCH_ARM
> +	bool "ARM"
> +	depends on EXPERT
> +endchoice

I don't think the above will work as-is. Consider the comment that
was removed:

> -# This option is used to set the architecture of a mainboard to X86.
> -# It is usually set in mainboard/*/Kconfig.
> -config ARCH_X86
> -	bool
> -	default n

This explains that ARCH_X86 is set by mainboards and not the user.

Going forward the question is if a new step should be added to
configuration, where the user can choose the architecture they are
interested in, and that will limit the list of mainboards that can be

The alternative is that configuration continues to work like it does
now, where all mainboards by all manufacturers are displayed, and the
ARCH_* variable is set by the chosen mainboard.

The approach to add a step will require much more work changing how
coreboot Kconfig works. The latter approach will be simpler. I
personally think that it would be fine to not have an extra step for
the user to choose architecture, that this is implicit from the

Please also note that coreboot should always be written with all


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