[coreboot] Super I/O: Winbond LPC Super I/O WPCN381U

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Apr 7 19:52:51 CEST 2011

Jeremy Moles wrote:
> It's not that the hardware specs are unvailable, it's simply that I
> lack the knowledge to be able to translate the information form the
> hardware vendor (i.e., their engineer telling me to simply ping
> GPIO-03 on the SuperI/O controller and the hardware lights up) into
> Linux code. :) In Windows, apparently, it's as easy as that...

If anything I'd say it's more difficult in Windows.

> the GPIO registers I need are abstracted away in an LDN (7, in my
> case), and I think you need to inform the hardware of that FIRST
> before writing any bits.

Correct. Looking at chapter 5 it's also clear that actual data for
GPIO pins is written using registers offset from an IO base address
configured in the logical device. So steps are:

set gpio ldn: regwrite(7,7)
read io base address: regread(60h)<<8 | regread(61h)
read current GPIO-0 value: inb(base address)
set bit 3 in value (1<<3)
write new GPIO-0 value: outb(base,newval)


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