[coreboot] Super I/O: Winbond LPC Super I/O WPCN381U

Jeremy Moles cubicool at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 01:07:21 CEST 2011

Hello everyone.

I have my hands on a piece of hardware here using the Super I/O device
listed in the subject; that is:

	Winbond LPC Super I/O WPCN381U

- My first question is, has anyone else encountered this device?

- SVN trunk of superiotool detects this device as:

	Found NSC PC87382 (sid=0xf4, srid=0x04) at 0x2e

...and I know from the manufacturer that the device is actually the one
mentioned previously. However, I know from the specsheet that the
hardware is pin-compatible with the Winbond PC87381, which has a very
similar name to the device it "thinks" it is.


Does this mean that superiotool is actually detecting it properly?

- Finally, the device I want to use waits for input via the serial port,
but before this can be initiated the device must be powered on via the
Super I/O module. According to the manufacturer, I do this by activating
the GPIO03 pin. I know superiotool is a read-only tool, given I know
these pieces of data, is there an easy way to ping this particular bit?

- My first approach to enable this device was to write a small kernel
module that would call gpio_request(3); however, this always returns
-ENOSYS or -EINVAL. This clearly isn't the right approach. :)

I realize this is probably a question for LKML proper, but I figured I'd
ask here first and see what the Fates have in store. :)

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