[coreboot] Coreboot (and gNewSense) on VIA EPIA-P820?

Pen-Yuan Hsing penyuan at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 20 19:07:43 CEST 2010


I have been referred here from the gNewSense list, with a question about 
Coreboot compatibility with VIA motherboards and chipsets.

I am looking to set up a PIM server with Citadel or SOGo as the 
groupware server. On the hardware side, I am looking at the VIA ARTiGO 
with the following specifications:

Mainboard: EPIA-P820
Processor: 1.2 GHz VIA Nano (64-bit)
Chipset: VIA VX855 Unified Digital Media IGP chipset
Memory: 2 GB 200-pin DDR2 800 mHz
Graphics: VIA Chrome9 3D/2D AGP Integrated Graphics
LAN: VIA VT6122 10/100/1000
Audio: VIA VT1708S 8 channel HD audio
Wireless: VIA 802.11 b/g (not sure what model number)
HDD: Transcend 32GB SSD or OWC Mercury 40GB Extreme Pro SSD

Here's what I am wondering:

Does Coreboot work on this system's motherboard/chipset? I couldn't find 
this exact model on the Coreboot wiki, but there are similar looking 
EPIA boards in the compatibility list.

IF the hardware is not fully free, is there a viable alternative of a 
similar, tiny form factor? Perhaps something similar to the Lemote 
Yeeloong but not a netbook? If the Yeeloong is the only way to go, 
please let me know how I should set it up.

Please let me know either way, and if there is an alternative please 
show me where to find it?

I have asked this question on multiple forums and received NO replies 
for more than a week.....


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