[coreboot] Porting coreboot to Unknown Sis620/5595 Motherboard

Cristi Magherusan cristi.magherusan at net.utcluj.ro
Fri Sep 17 09:01:58 CEST 2010

În Vin, Septembrie 17, 2010 2:44, Anders Jenbo a scris:
> This board is a hard one to start out with i would say.
> You should look in to getting the documentation for the SIS 620 chip
> set. I see that the SIS 630 is supported by Coreboot v1 so you might want
> to look in to porting that to v4 and then the SIS 620.
> -Anders

I think I may also have such a no-name motherboard based on this chipset
so I may join you in this effort (I must check, though).

I took a look at the datasheets of both 620 and 630 chipsets and from what
I can tell after a short look at them, they seem to be very different.
This means it needs to be done from scratch eventually.

In order to get support for the motherboard, we need to have support for
the following components:
-ITE IT8661F SuperIO (already supported by coreboot)
-SiS5595 southbridge
-SiS620 northbridge

The first step is to get serial output out of the motherboard for
debugging, by getting the SuperIO to work, then implement support for the
other components according to their datasheets.


Cristian Magherusan-Stanciu,
System Engineer, Nokia Romania.

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