[coreboot] MS-6147, SeaBIOS, and OpenBSD.

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Sep 8 13:08:11 CEST 2010

Am 08.09.2010 12:55, schrieb Mats Erik Andersson:
> with pci-id 1002:4742. Thus I do arrive at a serial console, as well as
> the usual text console. This is a good thing, if not for other reasons
> that I managed to amalgamate CBFS/VGA-BIOS/SeaBIOS!
I guess you meant "coreboot"? CBFS is just the filesystem.

> When booting Debian GNU/Linux via Coreboot/SeaBIOS, the kernel complains
>     [0.204012] weird, boot CPU(#0) not listed by BIOS.
Some of the tables (mptable and the like) are probably incomplete or
missing. The completeness of tables and ACPI varies a lot between boards.
We work on unifying the code, to improve matters for existing boards and
simplify support for new ones, but it's far from completed.

>     "WARNING - Timeout at await_ide:39!".
Might be incomplete IDE init. coreboot usually (depends on chipset) does
no init at all. Some chipset docs actually require some (eg. figure out
if 80-pin cables are used, and set a bit if so)

> The uhci_hcd circuitry is detected, but it is not assigned an IRQ,
> so Linux as well as OpenBSD considers it to be broken. SeaBIOS
> reports an io-port 0x20c0, though. 
IO Ports are assigned properly in generic code, but assigning IRQ is
mainboard/chipset specific code.

> Neither Linux, nor OpenBSD, are able to accomplish a complete power down,
> as power supply is still applied after shutdown.
The board has no ACPI support at all (and we don't do APM either). That
might be the reason why this isn't working.

> Moving the single DIMM to another socket, makes the nortbridge
> initialisation fail immediately after printing
>     "Northbridge following SDRAM init".
Again, chipset specific code.


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