[coreboot] SuperMicro h8dmr-i2 slowness in v4

Nick Lemberger Nick.Lemberger at lkfd.net
Sat Sep 4 00:07:57 CEST 2010


I'm having some trouble with current releases of coreboot on a
Supermicro H8DMR-i2.

The initial problem, it takes about 2 minutes to show the:
"coreboot-4.0-r5775 Fri Sep  3 14:55:01 CDT 2010 starting..."
and equally as long after the warm reset.

The second, the system freezes at "Clearning initial memory region:" for
about a half hour before proceeding.  After that, everything works as

There has been some list chatter about a similar problem with the H8DME,
but that was based upon the H8DMR code so it's odd that it found it's
way here.  I've attached the full serial output if that's at all useful.

Vendor: Supermicro
MainBoard: H8DMR-i2
NorthVBridge: Fam10h
SouthBridge: NVIDIA MCP55
Super I/O: Winbond™ W83627EHG
CPU: AMD Opteron

Any suggestions are welcome, TIA,
Nicholas Lemberger

coreboot-4.0-r5775 Fri Sep  3 14:55:01 CDT 2010 starting...

BSP Family_Model: 00100f23 
*sysinfo range: [000cc000,000cdfa0]
bsp_apicid = 00 
cpu_init_detectedx = 00000000 
microcode: equivalent rev id  = 0x1022, current patch id = 0x00000000
microcode: rev id (1062) does not match this patch.
microcode: Not updated! Fix microcode_updates[] 
POST: 0x33
cpuSetAMDMSR  done
POST: 0x34
Enter amd_ht_init()
 event class: 05
 event: 1004
 data:  04  00  00  01 
 event class: 05
 event: 2006
 data:  04  00  02  ff 
Exit amd_ht_init()
POST: 0x35
cpuSetAMDPCI 00 done
cpuSetAMDPCI 01 done
Prep FID/VID Node:00 
  F3x80: e600a681 
  F3x84: a0e641e6 
  F3xD4: c3310f23 
  F3xD8: 03001b12 
  F3xDC: 0000542c 
Prep FID/VID Node:01 
  F3x80: e600a681 
  F3x84: a0e641e6 
  F3xD4: c3310f23 
  F3xD8: 03001b12 
  F3xDC: 0000542c 
setup_remote_node: 01 done
Start node 01 done.
POPSOSTT: :0 0xx3630

Co rcoer0 es0:t ar t--e-d :{   0A1PI
 sItD a=rt _04o thNeODrE_cIoD r=es (01) 
oOinREiIt Dn =o de00:} 0 0-- - c
:rmiesc:ro c03o de
 S etqarutiv aotlhenetr  creovre  id-  n o= de0ix1d0: 202,0  
ccurorreesnt:  0p3at
::i niidt  =n o0dex0: 000010 0 PPPOO0cO0oSSSTrTT
  :es   m0:00ixxcx r0333o0300 c

 dSe   :ccctoooa rrrrreeetexx xv :::o  ti hd   --e -(r---- --1  0 c6{o{{
r 2 )AAAePP  Pd-IIICCCo eInIIDoDsD    d===eni OcOR00d0:21 3m   
0NNaNtOO1O DDcDhEE EcII ItDDoD  r h=ei==s   s00: 0p 000   a0tC3CCO
--:-: -  e i:===c    r0000PPPOox231OOS}SSc3}}  T TTo7:d
x         ----0-00:sx t
cc 3330or00mmmiiitt
  c erudrr   oocccop dcaccooorraopoorddeeetd eeaeexxx:::d:p:: i    ! 
eece   Fqqiq------iuudu:ii---xi  v vv  {a{{ma*al O  
ilAceeAAeAPnPPrnnPtt ItIIoCCc  0C I1rIIorreeDseDDd  evv tv=a ==_  uii ri
 0d0pdd0t5e7 6d  a   d   N=Nt==N
2 2=22=02=D0*D0E xE[xExI1IA1I]1D 0D0DP0  2 
DtM        , ,, 2c0s p0  0cc11tcu1Su uu 
t-  D  DD  S*p pp=aa==R a At tt  00P0ccc hh2d h13} }  }o0 n3 i
ii-dd-es-d- -  -
r i-=-==
_ s 5     r0ro0o00oi*cd c0c00o00ovAo0d0d00diPed e0e00:

nn    eetesmmmiiqaqtqiuacccuguieiirrrrooov2vvtaaeccca loalldooddedpee
d eeneit:ctt*::     i  drrrArrree:eeePe vvvv vv0  0    iii4ii6idsdddd
1)0  0   ( ( a(=11=r1= 0 00 t0e06066x2dx2x21)1)
 t ttt 02*2dd2d2o 2oo2,e,eA,e ss sP c c  c unu0unnroor7rortrttrsete e 
nmanmnmtatarta t t ttecpcpcpadhahaht t
hhhhhh cc
3000   i  iiisPsiisd d O d  p pSpaT==a=a tt:  t0ccc 00xxxhhh00x00...

r       0ii0cc00c

      ogdiddmmmieiiene: c:cc:r  Fr roNoNNIoccocooDoVotott  dId deuuueDe:
:ppp: d M ddraarSraetetteRv eveev  0d dd!!iix!id   ddc 0 FFF
(i(0(ii1xx11x10   00060mmm662227iii)c))1ccrr r  
d0oododooxccoceoee2ooddsdss0eae e  nn_6_n_ouoou0up1tptth0h1 d 
mmaa4maatatt at0teteesscxcsch[[[h4h c ]]] tt0t   h

teetctctccc p p 0ppuupup3a aSSaSte
SD      cthAhAhAPOMMM...
nodededemSSiR iRiRc c 0c rrxr   o3dooddco9occoonon
eP:     e

avvavtit i iinnNTNnNoiiio:otttttt  0  ___ufxuuffiipi3ppdddddada

        tiieddeedEddnd___ss!!!sd ttt   FFFaaaFiiiIgggeexxxDe2nneeep0ppuuu1S1SSeee4t ttAAA0MxMMDDD4McMMSSS0RR0R   4c0   d3ddooo n
  __ssstttaaagggeee222   aaapppiiiccciiiddd:::   000765

POST: 0x3b
POST: 0x3d
POST: 0x40
raminit_amdmct begin:
 Node: 00  base: 00  limit: 3ffffff  BottomIO: e00000
 Node: 01  base: 4200000  limit: 81fffff  BottomIO: e00000
 Copy dram map from Node 0 to Node 01 
raminit_amdmct end:
POST: 0x41
testx = 5a5a5a5a
Copying data from cache to RAM -- switching to use RAM as stack... Done
testx = 5a5a5a5a
Disabling cache as ram now 
Clearing initial memory region: 

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