[coreboot] [flashrom] Re: flashrom patch: add support for Abit AB-BM6 board

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Sat Sep 4 04:46:06 CEST 2010

Hi Tim,

it seems your flashrom patch from exactly two years ago slipped through
the cracks until now. I'm very sorry about that.

Do you still own the board? If yes, could you please run download latest
flashrom (at least 0.9.2, preferably latest svn) and provide the output
of the following commands (as root):
flashrom -V
superiotool -deV

flashrom supports DMI matching since a few months, so it may be possible
to identify your board that way. And with superiotool output, we could
perhaps improve matching a bit more.
You already provided full lspci -nnvvxx output at
http://marc.info/?l=linuxbios&m=122276697617977&w=2 so I'm not going to
request that again. (I couldn't link to the coreboot.org mailing list
archives because that message is corrupt).

On 03.09.2008 11:42, Tim ter Laak wrote:
> This patch adds support for the Abit AB-BM6 mainboard to flashrom.
> The biggest part is a generic function to lower a GPIO line on the
> PIIX4E southbridge, copied and adapted from its ich_gpio_raise()
> counterpart (mostly lower instead of raise, followed names from the
> PIIX4E datasheet). The board specific function then uses this to lower
> GPO 26.
> Signed-off-by: Tim ter Laak <timl at scintilla.utwente.nl>
> +/**
> + * Suited for Abit AB-BM6.
> + */
> +static int piix4_gpio26_lower(const char *name)
> +{
> + return piix4_gpio_lower(name, 0x8086, 0x7113, 0x40, 0x34, 0xffc0, 26);

With current flashrom, the line above would look like this:
return intel_piix4_gpo_set(26, 0);

> +}
> +
> +
> +
> +/**
> * Suited for Acorp 6A815EPD.
> */
> static int board_acorp_6a815epd(const char *name)
> @@ -672,6 +724,8 @@
> NULL, NULL, "GIGABYTE GA-7VT600", board_biostar_p4m80_m4},
> {0x1106, 0x3149, 0x1462, 0x7094, 0x10ec, 0x8167, 0x1462, 0x094c,
> NULL, NULL, "MSI K8T Neo2", w83627thf_gpio4_4_raise_2e},
> + {0x8086, 0x7190, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x8086, 0x7110, 0x0000, 0x0000,
> + "abit", "ab-bm6", "Abit AB-BM6", piix4_gpio26_lower},
> {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL, NULL} /* Keep this */
> };

If DMI is useful on your board, we could try to match the DMI strings
and avoid the -m abit:ab-bm6 parameter for flashrom.



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