[coreboot] AMD Tilapia / simnow: endless looping in function pci_scan_bus

Scott scott at notabs.org
Wed Sep 1 20:50:12 CEST 2010


When booting the AMD Tilapia coreboot BIOS on simnow I encounter
an endless loop in pci_scan_bus(). The reason is that pci_scan_bus
expects a valid argument for max_devfn, yet receives 0xFFFFFFFF.

The origin of the invalid max_devfn argument is line 596 of

   max = pci_scan_bus(bus, 0x00, ((next_unitid-1) << 3)|7, max);

With my setup, next_unitid is zero, which causes a bad argument
to be passed to pci_scan_bus. As a work-around, I change the code
to recognize and handle this case by passing 0xFF (all devices).

Does anyone else encounter this situation on AMD boards? I ask
because I am using simnow in place of real hardware. 


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