[coreboot] timeout during PS/2 keyboard init

Scott scott at notabs.org
Wed Sep 1 07:16:23 CEST 2010


While testing on AMD simnow I encounter a timeout in keyboard.c line 246:

/* All is well - enable keyboard interface */
if (!kbc_input_buffer_empty()) return;
outb(0x60, KBD_COMMAND);
if (!kbc_input_buffer_empty()) return;
outb(0x61, KBD_DATA);	/* send cmd: enable keyboard and IRQ 1 */
if (kbc_output_buffer_full()) {
	printk(BIOS_ERR, "Timeout during final keyboard enable\n"); <=======

It seems like line 245 should call kbc_input_buffer_empty() instead of
kbc_output_buffer_full() because the previous I/O does not cause the
keyboard to generate any data.

On simnow, this causes a boot delay of a minute or so. On real hardware,
It appears it could cause a boot delay of 400 ms. Does anyone testing 
with real hardware ever notice the "Timeout during final keyboard enable"
message when logging is enabled?


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