[coreboot] [PATCH] use Kconfig for both options on Lippert boards

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Sep 1 00:39:18 CEST 2010

Jens Rottmann wrote:
> > Maybe make that one option per port instead,
> I had considered this but decided against it.

Oh well.

> It is simply not feasible to make _everything_ configurable,

I'm not sure I agree about feasible. I agree it's not worthwhile
though. You know your customers best, but from my experience with
embedded customers, more configurability is better. :)

> one has to draw a line somewhere.

Yes of course.

> Like disabling devices completely to save power, I/O resources and IRQs.
> Or moving PCI INT A-D or legacy devices to a different IRQ line.

I guess you already know that PCI interrupts are locked to whatever
the VSA blob configures for the virtualized devices. I do agree about
disabling and I/O and interrupts as far as possible..

> making sure that a certain bit pattern is written as early as
> possible to the LPT data port

This is a good point. It could make sense to have hooks already in
the bootblock.

> you'd have to start with devicetree.cb,

I know. This is one part of coreboot "infrastructure" that I think
needs some improvement. A first step would be interrupt routing.

It might also be nice to make it a little easier to use devicetree.cb
from the coreboot code.

> > Maybe also make an (expert?) option to disable the LED?
> The '1' I write to it makes sure it's initally off.

That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.


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