[coreboot] [PATCH 0/7] ASUS M2V support (v2)

Tobias Diedrich ranma+coreboot at tdiedrich.de
Sun Oct 31 22:29:46 CET 2010

Scott Duplichan wrote:
> The stop A5 can be easy to debug if you go through the pain of
> setting up a checked build with windbg. For me the first thing
> it reported was e820 ranges overlapping with other (ACPI) ranges.
> I found Windows wants no range reserved in e820 unless it is
> truly off limits to the OS ands its drivers. The exception is
> mmconf, which is often reserved in e820. An annoyance with checked
> build (at least win7) is the e820 range error message prints
> garbage. The reason is that the DbgPrint format string and arg list
> do not match. One is 32-bit and the other 64-bit. It will work if
> patched in memory before executing. Another problem is that Windows
> wants ACPI to report the address space available to the PCI bus.
> Here is how mine looks. It is hard-coded for 2MB TOM at the moment:

Finally have a win install on my notebook set up. I didn't have any
disk space left on the hard disk and had to patch the xp install cd
so I could install it on an external USB hard drive...
Hmm, according to windbg the error is 'failed to load DDB', and the
third arg points to the generated SSDT for my Processor. I'll have a

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