[coreboot] SATA/IDE failed under 64bit linux

Liu Tao liutao1980 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 16:05:00 CEST 2010

Hello all,

I'm using coreboot4 + seabios to boot a K8/RS780/SB710 based board,
my SATA disk and DVD-drive connects to SB710's SATA0/SATA1 port.

Now the board can boot Ubuntu-10.10-i386 and FedoraCore-13-i686, and
everything seems ok, but with 64bit linux OS, including SUSE11-X86_64/
RHEL5.5-X86-64/ Ubuntu-10.10-X86_64, the SATA drive cannot be recognized,
the kernel reports "qc time out" during SATA disk scanning, and randomly
crashes during this process.

I checked the mptable and confirmed the IRQ of ahci is correct. With pci=nomsi
parameter, the 32bit kernel boots and works fine, 64bit kernel uses the same
irq number and can't detect SATA disk correctly. Without pci=nomsi, 32/64 bit
kernel may use different MSI irq number, but the result is same, 32bit ok and
64bit fail.

Later I tried to install 64bit linux with IDE harddisk/DVD, seabios successfully
boots the installation DVD, but linux can't find any CD-ROM & harddisk.
The installation script can eject the DVD-drive, but it can't find the
device file
to mount and reports no CDROM detected, so the installation can't continue.

I think maybe something is wrong with ACPI or other tables bios provides to
linux kernel? I'm not familia with the bios/kernel interaction, does anyone has
any suggestions on the problem? Thanks very much!

Liu Tao

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