[coreboot] HT3 for AMD boards

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Tue Oct 26 07:14:52 CEST 2010

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]Scott Duplichan wrote:
]> Here is my proposal. If it seems OK, I will submit a patch.
]> 1) Add an option for HT_MANUAL_SWAP_LIST to amdfam10/kconfig and 
]>    amdk8/kconfig. The default is zero, which means it has no effect
]>    unless overridden.
]> 2) Modify ht_wrapper.c to use HT_MANUAL_SWAP_LIST as the swap list,
]>    if non-zero.
]> 3) In mainboard/amd/mahogany_fam10/Kconfig, override HT_MANUAL_SWAP_LIST
]>    with the value that is known to allow HT3 to work.
]I think it would be nice if the Kconfig option is slightly
]higher-level than containing the actual values. Would it be at all
]possible to e.g. determine some distinct swap lists that boards can
]choose from?

Hello Peter,

The problem is that the only real hardware I have for testing is an 
RS780/SB700 board. Here is the kconfig addition I have for it, as it
stands now:

  # ----------------overrides--------------------

  # With this BUID swap list override, an AMD RS780/SB700/fam10h system can
  # run the southbridge HT link in HT3 mode. Without it, the link runs at 8-bit
  # 200 MHz, which prevents high resolution UMA graphics modes from working.

	  default 0xFF00FF0100

For Serengetti-Cheetah, I think it would look like:

	  default 0xFF060AFF06000A00

... but I have no way to test it.


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