[coreboot] #168: USBDEBUG might slow down coreboot

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Thu Oct 21 11:25:46 CEST 2010

#168: USBDEBUG might slow down coreboot
    Reporter:  oxygene   |          Owner:  stepan@…             
        Type:  defect    |         Status:  new                  
    Priority:  minor     |      Milestone:                       
   Component:  coreboot  |       Keywords:  usbdebug             
Dependencies:            |   Patch Status:  there is no patch    
 If USBDEBUG and verbose logging are enabled, printing text slows down
 after the resource allocator reconfigured EHCI.
 This is because the usbdebug console caches the BAR location, and the
 resource allocator is free to move the BAR to somewhere else.

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