[coreboot] coreboot+seabios timings

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coresystems.de
Mon Oct 18 05:46:28 CEST 2010

 On 10/17/10 7:54 PM, Scott Duplichan wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> Thanks. I had already noticed the double KB init and turned off the
> coreboot instance.

Should we add a "use SeaBIOS as payload" option that disables all that
stuff automatically?

>  I switched to seabios execution of video option 
> roms and found an immediate improvement. Before, I had a problem adding
> a PCI video card. It seems like coreboot would execute the uma option
> rom instead of the PCI option rom. After changing to seabios execution 
> of option roms, it now works correctly. I can boot either uma video or
> pci video without changing my image. I probably need to get an SSD drive
> at this point. I found with the drive already spinning, boot time is 
> around 1.70 seconds. However I remembered a 40 ms delay inside the PCIe
> training loop. I had removed it to speed up simnow execution. With the
> delay restored, boot time goes up by 270 ms or so. That delay needs some
> optimization. I see it is called even for non-existent PCIe devices.

Do we need to think about cooperative multitasking?


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