[coreboot] coreboot support for AMD HT3

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sat Oct 16 06:00:59 CEST 2010

]We have problems with SB HT and BUID swaplist that are not fully
]understood. The swaplist was only partially implemented and needs to
]be brought out to the mainboard settings. If you care to add that and
]to maybe comment how the fields should be filled, that would be really

Hello Marc,

I suppose I can give it a try. Though I have only one real board to test
with, I could try to test some others with simnow. 

I have delayed posting win7 patches because I made some progress on one
of the remaining RS780/SB700 win7 problems. The current RS780 code leaves
'bar3' enabled because disabling it caused loss of video. It turns out 
this causes problems of its own. I fixed a simple bug in the bar3 disable
function and now it works. The ATI graphics driver can now operate.
Unfortunately, it still has stability problems. More debug...


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