[coreboot] [PATCH] Convert all Intel i810 boards to CAR

Anders Jenbo anders at jenbo.dk
Wed Oct 13 15:58:51 CEST 2010

  Den 13-10-2010 15:50, Joseph Smith skrev:
> On 10/13/2010 01:24 AM, Warren Turkal wrote:
>> On Tuesday 12 October 2010 19:22:43 Joseph Smith wrote:
>>> FC-PGA's support SSE2 while the PGA's do not. that is the difference. I
>>> created FC_PGA370 to make the CAR coversion simpler. Hope that helps.
>> I must be misunderstanding this entirely.
>> First, you say there is a difference in that the FC version support 
>> SSE2. Then,
>> you say that the FC_PGA370 socket is simply a mechanism to make 
>> conversion to
>> CAR easier.
>> Does that mean that FC_PGA370 is simply PGA370 + CAR, or do PGA370 
>> sockets
>> really not support SSE2 chips?
>> Researching it a little bit, I see that FC-PGA370 is a mechanically 
>> compatible
>> socket, so I guess that the FC-PGA370 supports chips that the PGA370 
>> does not.
>> Is that correct? So FC-PGA is more than just an upgrade CAR?
> Yes, socket wise they are backwars compatable in 99% of boards. The 
> PGA's were 66MHz FSB Celerons with 128k L2 cache.
>> So I guess I would be satisfied if I knew that the minimum size l2 
>> cache for a
>> chip that fits in the PGA370 was 4K since that's what the patch says 
>> and since
>> that's really what matters for the DCACHE_RAM_SIZE.
>> Also, are we sure that the DCACHE_RAM_BASE used will work? I.e. has 
>> it been
>> tested on real hardware?
>> Also, if we have real hardware running that works with this. Would if be
>> possible to get a the register output for a cpuid 0x80000006 call? 
>> I'd just
>> like to know if it would work on that processor since that call can 
>> be used to
>> dynamically determine the amount of l2 cache. I've been thinking 
>> about adding
>> that to the intel/amd/via CAR implementations so that DCACHE_RAM_SIZE 
>> doesn't
>> need to be set.
> I'm sure CAR will work on the PGA's, although they may need Keith's L2 
> patch. More or less it was decided a while ago to split the model_6xx 
> romcc clump-o-crap out into their own CAR model directories (starting 
> with model_68x). I have a bunch of Socket 370 processors (FC-PGA and 
> PGA) I plan on testing on my i810 board... I just have alot on my 
> plate at this time.
I will probably test P6IWP-Fe with the 370 cpus i have. Thanks for 
converting this, this brings me closer to understanding how car works :)

-Anders Jenbo

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