[coreboot] [PATCH] Add CPP logic to VIA CAR init code.

Patrick Georgi patrick.georgi at coresystems.de
Sun Oct 3 19:23:08 CEST 2010

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Am 03.10.2010 18:54, schrieb Warren Turkal:
> I see that is the change that fixed it. However, I'm still not sure I
> understand the fix completely. When CONFIG_TINY_BOOTBLOCK is defined
> and AUTO_XIP_ROM_BASE is not defined, we get the following line (line
> number 159 or so) in build/mainboard/via/vt8454c/crt0.s:
>  movl $AUTO_XIP_ROM_BASE, %eax
> How does that assemble without an error?
> Is the AUTO_XIP_ROM_BASE set to some value (presumably 0) by the
> assembler for some reason that I don't see? For reference, here is the
> equivalent line from crt0.disasm:
> 100 0115 B8000000 >---->-------movl>---$REAL_XIP_ROM_BASE, %eax
This becomes a symbol in the .o file that is (must be) resolved on link
time. That's why it must be provided verbatim (without "|anything") in
the code.

What we _could_ do is to define REAL_XIP_ROM_BASE_WITH_FLAGS_SET (or
sth. to that effect) and run with that. It would eliminate the "orl"
line. I hesitated to do so because I wasn't sure if all systems use the
same flags (I didn't look if that's the case now), and didn't want to
provide lots of REAL_XIP_ROM_BASE_* for all combinations.

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