[coreboot] any coreboot plans to support SuperMicro X7DVL-E?

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coresystems.de
Sat Nov 27 04:03:10 CET 2010

On 11/26/10 2:31 PM, Fontaine, Eric R wrote:
> Dear Coreboot Developers,
> I am very impressed with coreboot and agree with the importance of open source firmware.  I am looking at your list of supported server motherboards, and see support for SuperMicro X6D series, but do not see any support for the board I am using, the X7DVL-E.  I included at the bottom of this email my machine specs.  My questions are:
> - is anyone in the process of porting code for this board?
> - if yes, then when do you think it will be done?
> - if no, then approximately how much programming effort does it typically take one of you to port coreboot to a new system, in case I decide to port it myself?
Roughly think of 6+ man months.

> - would you estimate if most of the X6D series firmware code can be reused, or would I most likely have to rewrite everything?
You will be able to reuse a lot of code, but the majority of chipset
code will have to be written from scratch.


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