[coreboot] P4V800D-X need BIOS modification for PCI-E

Tomasz Czapiewski xeros at irc.pl
Wed Nov 17 14:04:22 CET 2010

Now the logs from other PC with that Radeon HD4670 working:

lshw: http://pastebin.ca/1994483
lshw -businfo: http://pastebin.ca/1994489
lspci -vv: http://pastebin.ca/1994491
lspci -nvv: http://pastebin.ca/1994493
lspci -xxx: http://pastebin.ca/1994494
lspci -xxxx: http://pastebin.ca/1994495

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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 22:35:08 +0100 (CET)
From: Tomasz Czapiewski <xeros at irc.pl>
To: coreboot at coreboot.org
Subject: Re: P4V800D-X need BIOS modification for PCI-E

As requested on IRC I'm sending some logs...

dmesg from P4V800D-X with inserted both AGP Radeon 9600 and (unrecognized) 
PCI-E Radeon HD4670: http://pastebin.com/8wx9JYBJ

lspci -v -v from P4V800D-X (the same configuration as above): 

lshw: http://pastebin.com/PTdGwv0f


dmesg from P4V800D-X with inserted both AGP Radeon 9600 and PCI-E Radeon X300 
(both working configuration): http://pastebin.com/gtc5rvJW

lshw: http://pastebin.com/wS7vS0xF

lspci -v -v: http://pastebin.com/iRYGTCqL

lspci -xxx: http://pastebin.com/Jv338DFR

lspci -xxxx: http://pastebin.com/rdjTZtxP


In next mail I'll send logs from other working PC with Radeon HD4670 card which 
didn't work on my P4V800D-X.

With Regards,

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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 22:53:06 +0100 (CET)
From: Tomasz Czapiewski <xeros at irc.pl>
To: coreboot at coreboot.org
Cc: flashrom at flashrom.org
Subject: P4V800D-X need BIOS modification for PCI-E

I've been told at Phoronix forums few months ago that you can help solve my 
problem as you really do miracles with BIOS.

The problem is that I have Asus P4V800D-X mainboard from few years which has 
Via PT880Ultra chipset. The mainboard is for Intel Pentium4 with socket 478 and 
DDR1 and has two graphic slots (AGP x8 and PCI-E 1.0).

OT: The MP spec tells it could not handle both cards but I use both Radeons 
R3xx (AGP RV350 - 9600 and PCI-E RV370 - x300 in multiseat) just fine althrough 
before doing kernel mode settings on Linux I can see BIOS POST only on one of 
them but that's not the case...

Back to topic...
Some time ago I've get PCI-E 2.0 Radeon HD4670 which I wanted to use as a 
replace for PCI-E 1.0 Radeon X300 and I've saw it runs without problems on 
different MB but with the same chipset (Asrock 775Dual-VSTA - only PCI-E 
without AGP, P4/DualCore socket 775, both DDR1 and DDR2) after BIOS upgrade 
served by Asrock.
I've found that the card I've get does couply PCI-E 1.0 power requirements 
specs so it really should be possible to use it on PCI-E 1.0 MBs.
When I put this card in PCI-E slot of my MB BIOS and even Linux after BOOT does 
not see that anything is put in PCI-E slot (lspci, lshw, etc... does not show 
anything related to this card).

I know that CoreBoot site does not list any of MBs that contain such chipset so 
I'm still stuck with proprietary BIOS from my MB vendor.

As I've said before Asrock did release BIOS updates for it's MB with fixes for 
Radeon HD2xxx and HD3xxx cards (althrough some people reported that after this 
BIOS update Radeon HD4670 works, too) but Asus did forget about P4V800D-X users 
long time ago and haven't released and wont release such fixes.

I know it will be very hard but could you look at Asrock 775Dual-VSTA BIOS 
changes (last BIOSes contain only fixes for Radeon HD3xxx cards) and somekind 
use it for fix my Asus P4V800D-X BIOS to support such cards?
I don't even imagine how would you do this but anyway I've get here to ask for 
help as you're the only people who could do something like this.

Thanks in advance.

Asus P4V800D-X spec: 
Asus P4V800D-X user guide: 
Asus P4V800D-X BIOS:

Asrock 775Dual-VSTA spec: 
Asrock 775Dual-VSTA user guide:
Asrock 775Dual-VSTA BIOSes with changelogs:

Btw. I don't have EEPROM/BIOS programmer/flasher and my MB has only one BIOS so 
if you would do that BIOS modifications will flashing it will be a lot more 
risky than flashing any other official BIOSes?
I don't mind if after flashing for any reason I could get not video or sth that 
would just not break Linux boot from SATA HDD so I could SSH to my machine and 
flash original BIOS or any other not so hard to use fallback.

I don't want to change MB for the next few years because of financial reasons 
as I have some hardware/peripherals which use could be problematic on never MBs 
like these two graphic cards, PCI analog TV card, some RS232 connected 
hardware, a lot of DDR1 RAM, etc.

With Regards,

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