[coreboot] [RFC]Static testing of our tree

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Nov 12 18:48:47 CET 2010

Patrick Georgi wrote:
> >> ("make lint"?)

$ make lint
make: *** No rule to make target `lint'.  Stop.

I like your idea!

> > How long does it take to run?
> I committed it for now, but sed on coreboot.org doesn't seem to
> like the sed script. It's about 30 seconds on my mingw install, I
> think. I'd expect it to be slightly faster on Linux

Yes, but maybe still uncomfortably long..

> > As soon as there are no more warnings I think it should be in the
> > commit hook.
> Not sure if it really belongs in the commit hook - the problem is
> that it blocks the commit, and already takes a while now. No need
> to make it even slower.

It should block the commit, to stop ugly commits. Sure it takes a
while, but I think that's OK. QA is important. It depends on exactly
how long it will take..


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