[coreboot] [commit] r6056 - trunk/src/northbridge/amd/amdk8

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Wed Nov 10 03:12:06 CET 2010

Author: stuge
Date: Wed Nov 10 03:12:05 2010
New Revision: 6056
URL: https://tracker.coreboot.org/trac/coreboot/changeset/6056

Make amdk8 printk_raminit() accept just a single string parameter

The function is called with no format specifiers in the first parameter
throughout the code, so it needs to work also with just one parameter.

Signed-off-by: Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>
Acked-by: Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>


Modified: trunk/src/northbridge/amd/amdk8/raminit_f.c
--- trunk/src/northbridge/amd/amdk8/raminit_f.c	Wed Nov 10 03:00:32 2010	(r6055)
+++ trunk/src/northbridge/amd/amdk8/raminit_f.c	Wed Nov 10 03:12:05 2010	(r6056)
@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@
-#define printk_raminit(fmt, arg...) printk(BIOS_DEBUG, fmt, arg)
+#define printk_raminit(args...) printk(BIOS_DEBUG, args)
-#define printk_raminit(fmt, arg...)
+#define printk_raminit(args...)

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