[coreboot] [PATCH/RFC]Move SYSTEM_TYPE to Kconfig

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sat Nov 6 19:43:32 CET 2010


we currently have a config variable SYSTEM_TYPE in AMD based boards'
romstage.c, which defines if the board is "server", "desktop" or
"mobile". Among other things, the AMD code expects "server" to do ECC.

I broke that out to Kconfig, but extended the categories to the ACPI set
(which the OS can use for tuning the power management profile
accordingly). Now, it's declared in Kconfig with ACPI categories (which
provides a couple more values, like "SOHO Server" and "Performance
Server"), and based on these, the AMD value is chosen.

The Kconfig selection is also used to set the preferred PM profile in
ACPI (on the modified boards only for now).

The upside of this approach is that we only set the board type once, and
have it trickle down to whoever cares for it - so consistency is
implicitely ensured through the build system.
We also won't have to worry about this field should we ever get to the
point that the fadt is handled by unified code instead of per-board code
(and I hope we'll get there eventually).

The downside is that some things can't be modelled quite right (eg. one
AMD board was marked "server" for the AMD code, but "workstation" for
ACPI - I made that a "SOHO Server" instead in this patch).

If this patch is accepted, I'd build another patch that adapts those
boards which provide an FADT (which contains the PM profile field) to
this new config option. All others are of "unspecified" type by default
if they're ever made ACPI aware.

Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <patrick at georgi-clan.de>
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