[coreboot] MCP55 Mac Address copying/change

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Thu Nov 4 18:55:28 CET 2010


Yesterday I tried coreboot again, and it worked fine so far.

But I faced a nasty problem, like the last time I tried it with the MAC 
address on MCP55. This is nothing serious as you can change it by editing the 
romcache.inc from the southbridge, but it's nasty.

I was thinking about fixing this in a decent way. I'd love to see a KConfig 
value to enter in the configure process to get this done, or even to copy the 
mac address of the board.

As of now the MAC is stored in the romcache.inc file of the southbridge, and as 
far as I guess, this value is read in the mcp55_nic.c and used. There is as of 
now in the bugtracker a script to apply the new mac after compiling the image, 
but I think this is not a really good solution.

If my guess is right, readout from romcache.inc and usage in mcp55_nic.c it 
should be possible to solve this via  KConfig, and not read the value from the 
romcache.inc, but store it a config value and take this value. Possibly with a 
fallback on the romcache.inc value.

My questions on this suggestion are:
Would there be any good reason not to do it that way?
Is my guess right?  (Until now I didn't look that careful into the code of 

If my guess is right, and there is no problem to do as suggested, I'd prepare 
a patch for it.
Any comments are welcome.

Kind regards,

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