[coreboot] [Re: coreboot] Wyse S10 Information

Oliver Schinagl oliver at schinagl.nl
Sun May 30 16:07:16 CEST 2010

On 05/28/2010 10:13 PM, Nils wrote:
> Oliver wrote:
>> I know of the MTD driver yes, I did actually disable it in my kernel
>> that I built using openwrt 'doh'. Could you give me more information
>> int his regard?
> I also don`t know that much about it,sorry.
> At one point i used an openwrt squashfs? image and that worked but was
> missing some drivers.
Well I get it all to work, just from USB and not MTD/IDE :)
>> What flash is being used though, something from the board? Or is the
>> IDE disk used as an MTD device?
> As far as i know the flashboard is a MTD device.
> You have to be careful with write access for the operating system
> because the write and erase cycles are limited.
> It is not an real ide disk.
Well the docs mention there's 2 ports, and it is either flash, or IDE 
based on a bios setting. The real question is, what is the mini-IDE port 
wired too. I'll look up the specs of the chip and try to follow some 
lines and maybe I can see. Probably not.

I actually got a Transcend 1GB Disk on Chip module; It has firmware and 
everything, I think it's like a compact flash device, but since I 
haven't been able to access it via the IDE port; I don't know. If it is 
an MTD device, I suppose hdparm/smartctl won't work on an mtd device.
>> I get a message from the pata_cs5536 driver that IDE is disabled by
>> the bios; and of course no option to enable it.
> I use linux kernel 2.6.24 witch is the only one i found that works
> with the flashboard with ide driver.(maybe a bug in 2.6.24?)
> I wil send you my config.
> I use it on a 2.5` laptop hdd connected to the ide port.
> I wil also send you a working version of coreboot + seabios you can
> play with.
> It is configured for ide.
> You wil need the geode video driver in the kernel to see something.
> Or you could use a serial connection.
> Beware there are some issues most notably loading fallback/coreboot_ram
> takes ~35 seconds so you have to be a little patience while booting.
> Nils
Hmm, maybe 2.6.24 does do something? I'll try to confirm it on 2.6.24 
(maybe it's only an option?) and then bisect/diff with a more recent 
kernel to see if they changed something.

That coreboot image sounds _Very_ interesting, would I be able to build 
it myself? That file you sent me, is coreboot +seabios elf image 
combined so 'ready' but without any video output until the kernel is 
loaded? So the only way to choose a different boot option would be via 
serial console? How about USB keyboard support; that in there as well? 
As our S*0's only speak usb and not ps/2 :)
I guess i just flash it and I'm 'done', no VSA or video rom needs to be 


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