[coreboot] Wyse S10 Information

Oliver Schinagl oliver at schinagl.nl
Fri May 28 10:50:17 CEST 2010

On 05/28/10 01:14, Nils wrote:
> Oliver wrote:
>> The reason why it's not working now, is because I get a message from
>> the pata_cs5536 driver that IDE is disabled by the bios; and of course
>> no option to enable it.
> This is the same problem i had with the S50.
> The problem is that the bios has configured the CS5536 for flash(board).
> You have to enable the flash driver in the kernel(MTD? i think)
> It is not a usual ide device.
I know of the MTD driver yes, I did actually disable it in my kernel
that I built using openwrt 'doh'.

Could you give me more information int his regard? You just got me very
excited ;)

I enable the mtd driver, then what? Even though my WRT54g was using mtd
for years, I never really got into it.

What flash is being used though, something from the board? Or is the IDE
disk used as an MTD device? Or is the extra portion of the flash used as
an mtd device?

So many questions! :D
>> Also, I can boot a Ubuntu 10.04 USB stick (syslinux basically) and pxe
>> with the module present, but I cannot seem to boot a USB stick with
>> just grub on it, if the IDE module is in place. I think grub tries to
>> probe the IDE device, but fails or is on an extremly long timeout.
>> Strings revealed usernames, hostnames etc used by the OS/rdp/ica
>> clients in the bios.rom I extracted; I cannot belive a flash image
>> somewhere would write it's information into the flash chip. I'm very
>> convinced that wyse OS is somewhere in the 2Megabyte flash and (even
>> according to the specs) that is all that is available to the
>> thinclient.
> Ok the flashrom chip in the S50 is 256KB.
> In the S50 only the bios is in the chip.
> The operating system "Linux v6" is on the flashboard. 
> Nils.

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