[coreboot] Wyse S10 Information

Oliver Schinagl oliver at schinagl.nl
Fri May 28 00:51:28 CEST 2010

On 05/28/10 00:27, Nils wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> You wrote:
>> I'll check the rom as advised on the list; but I wouldn't be supprised
>> if it was; the IDE port is free and unused
> I think the operating system is in your ide flash board that is laying
> upside down in the corner of your S10 on the photo.(it belongs in the
> ide slot)
>> I then wonder, how the S50 would look like and compares to the S10 ...
> I`l send you a few photos.(i don`t know if the big photos are
> appreciated on the list)
> But i can say that on first glance it looks like they are the same.
> Greetings,Nils
The IDE flash unit in the top of the photo, is what I purchased
seperatly. I am trying to get that to work on the S10 :) (Also it covers
up the MAC address :p)

The reason why it's not working now, is because I get a message from the
pata_cs5536 driver that IDE is disabled by the bios; and of course no
option to enable it.

Also, I can boot a Ubuntu 10.04 USB stick (syslinux basically) and pxe
with the module present, but I cannot seem to boot a USB stick with just
grub on it, if the IDE module is in place. I think grub tries to probe
the IDE device, but fails or is on an extremly long timeout. Strings
revealed usernames, hostnames etc used by the OS/rdp/ica clients in the
bios.rom I extracted; I cannot belive a flash image somewhere would
write it's information into the flash chip. I'm very convinced that wyse
OS is somewhere in the 2Megabyte flash and (even according to the specs)
that is all that is available to the thinclient.


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