[coreboot] Wyse S10 Information

Andrew Morgan ziltro at ziltro.com
Thu May 27 17:06:22 CEST 2010

On 27/05/2010 15:44, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> On 05/27/10 16:06, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
>> Please do not sent excerpts of closed licensed material to this mailing
>> list.
> Wouldn't strings somefile.rom be fair use? With the limited output it
> generates anyway; It is a thin line I suppose, I'll agree with that, I
> didn't realize giving some general information about the system crossed
> that line ... more specifically what information would be ok to help
> identify and what info would be crossing it. What about a wiki page,
> would it be allowed to live on there?

I was wondering about this when I saw the original e-mail.
Strings aren't code, are they? Are strings copyright? Trademarked?
What about posting a screen-shot of a BIOS setup screen? That would 
contain some of them.
How about a photo of a motherboard which contains copyright/trademarked 

Yes, lots of questions and no answers. I suppose it depends which laws 
of which countries you care about. :)

If I wasn't sure I would probably post a URL to the list, linking to 
whatever it was I wanted to share.



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