[coreboot] Indtast Bcc Wyse S10 and coreboot

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Thu May 20 19:27:23 CEST 2010

Can the BIOS be swapped (is it socketed), do you have a spare (or one you fan borrow from motherboard) .
Is the board using a supported or documented SuperIO (use superiotool, the manual, the we or your eyes to see what chip you have).
Is the southbridg supported.
Is the northbridg supported.

Mvh Anders

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Emne: [coreboot] Wyse S10 and coreboot
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Hello all,

I am very interested in starting to play with coreboot and use it on 
some of my systems. I have been interested in coreboot and following it 
for a few years now.

I'll skip the chit chat and get straight to it. I got my hands on a few 
Wyse S10 thinclients, and they work quite well, booting via PXE or USB. 
Recently, I found some cheap Disk on Module 44pin 'ssd' and wanted to 
try them out in the S10.

Unforuntatly, I'm getting an error when trying to run someting from it; 
that the IDE port has been disabled.

Since getting a bios upgrade (which might not fix it) is a very tedious 
task; i decided to look at coreboot.

My question is, I suppose quite simple; Where do I start?



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