[coreboot] FILO bug disk not seen at ata-0 (Doesn't try to detect on ATA only SIL3114)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu May 20 00:33:14 CEST 2010

xdrudis wrote:
> > I think you're going to want SeaBIOS if you need to install Linux
> > from a CD.
> Is there a payload to load another payload from disk/usb/cd/net
> instead of Flash ?.

FILO can do disk/usb/cd and EtherBoot/gPXE can do net, but the
problem is that CDs use BIOS tricks to be bootable, so to work "the
same" they do require a BIOS environment. With FILO you basically
have to specify the kernel file and any ramdisk manually.

> example coreboot+filo+something in the flash where the original BIOS
> was, so that you boot fast from flash ordinarily and still use
> SeaBIOS (slowly) without reflashing by loading it from disk

That should work. Try booting the bios.elf file from FILO.

> Or maybe there's plenty of room on flash so usually you can keep
> all payloads you may ever need there and never bother to load them
> from disk ?. 

That's another working option. You could use bayou to wrap two
payloads (FILO+SeaBIOS) into one, and have a menu to choose the one
you want. bayou also supports scripting of that menu, but I'm not
sure there is timeout support at this point. Also note that bayou may
not have seen a lot of testing lately so might need a touch or two.


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