[coreboot] ask for support for some hardware

Anders Jenbo anders at jenbo.dk
Wed May 19 11:57:09 CEST 2010

Your DX 2700 is not supported but coding support for it should be posible.

I mentioned befor that the status of P5GL was mostly unsuported but should be relativly easy to code support for, but it looks like UWE has already gotten a similare laptop up and running so you might want to talk to him first.

Your ASUS P5L-MX has supported chips and should be easy to get running.
I sugest copying the Kontron  986LCD-M/mITX code, but also look to the Kontron KT690/mITX as it has a more similare SuperIO setup it seams.


On Wed 19/05/10 01:01 , Benediktus Anindito <bennybroz105 at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi everybody,
> i have some servers on the lab, and here is the flashrom and
> superiotool dump. is coreboot supports their hardware?
> regards,
> benny.
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