[coreboot] mkelfImage & newer kernels

Troy Telford ttelford.groups at gmail.com
Sat May 15 23:29:04 CEST 2010

This applies to 2.6.31 & 2.6.32 kernels for certain, but probably other newer 
kernels as well.

I'm a user of mkelfImage; I am currently unable to get an .ebi generated by 
mkelfImage to boot properly - I can't load it directly, or via a mechanism 
like kexec.

The moment the command (be it etherboot/gpxe, or kexec) tries to load the 
kernel, the system immediately reboots.

If I directly kexec a kernel (minus mkelfImage), the kernel loads correctly, 
so it appears the problem is in mkelfImage.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix it, and I _have_ to use mkelfImage to 
generate .ebi images for my systems.

I've tried 2.6.27, 2.6.31, 2.6.32; of those, 2.6.27 (and older kernels, work 
fine.  2.6.31 & 32 results in an .ebi that causes the system to reboot.

Any help!?

Troy Telford

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