[coreboot] [PATCH] cleanup CS5535/CS5536 specific init in GX2 code

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri May 14 20:37:49 CEST 2010

On 5/14/10 7:57 PM, Nils wrote:
> Op vrijdag 14 mei 2010 13:13:39 schreef u:
>> This patch should fix the hda interrupt lost problem on the Wyse S50
> Hi Stefan,
> Thanks for making this patch. :)
> Unfortunately i have no time today to test it, maybe tomorrow evening.
> I quickly browsed the code, am i correct that you disabled the CS5536
> code for GX2 ?
> You are aware of the fact that the wyse s50 has a CS5536? (i think the Rumba 
> and olpc`s also)
Hi Nils,

until a while back the GX2 code contained code to set up the CS5535 and
the CS5536. The CS5536 code under src/southbridge contained a different
version of that code. But gcc chose to use the code under
src/southbridge. Because that choice was rather arbitrary we cleaned up
the GX2 code a while back to not call the src/southbridge init code but
the version in src/northbridge, so it would work with the same code path
of CS5535 and CS5536. However, the CS5536 code in src/northbridge is no
good and so moved all CS5535/CS5536 code out of the GX2. The CS5535 code
was moved to src/southbridge/CS5535, while the CS5536 code already
contains a (working) version of that code that was previously living in
the GX2 component.
So, what I did is move CS5535 code to the CS5535 directory and make sure
there is no southbridge code in the northbridge directory because it
really does not belong there.


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