[coreboot] [PATCH] improve realmode api

Nils njacobs8 at hetnet.nl
Sat May 8 23:15:54 CEST 2010

Hi Stefan,
I tested your patch in the hope that my Geode GX2 board started to work again.
Unfortunatly it doesn`t.
My board stopped working after your vsm loading patches in rev5471.
The error after rev5471 was "hda: lost interrupt" .
Now after rev5532 with your improve realmode api patch the board oopses.

I will not ack nor nack because i know to little about programming.


Last part of rev5532 + improve realmode api patch:

sizeram: sizem 0x200
setup_gx2_cache: enable for 524288 KB
msr 0x00001808 will be set to 25fff002:11ffe000
MSR 0x10000026 is now 0x2dfbe040:0x400fffe0
Preparing for VSA...
VSA: Real mode stub @00000600: 628 bytes
Check CBFS header at fffeffe0
magic is 4f524243
Found CBFS header at fffeffe0
Check fallback/coreboot_ram
CBFS: follow chain: fff00000 + 38 + 79ab + align -> fff07a00
Check fallback/payload
CBFS: follow chain: fff07a00 + 38 + 11038 + align -> fff18a80
Check vsa
Stage: loading vsa @ 0x60000 (57868 bytes), entry @ 0x60020
Stage: done loading.
VSA: Buffer @00060000 *[0k]=ba
VSA: Signature *[0x20-0x23] is b0:10:e6:80
Calling VSA module...
oprom: INT# 0xd
oprom: eax: 11ffe000 ebx: 80007800 ecx: 00001012 edx: 25fff002
oprom: ebp: 00000ff4 esp: 00000fec edi: 0000102d esi: 00000028
oprom:  ip: 0647      cs: 6000   flags: 00000013
Oops, exception 13 while executing option rom
Unexpected Exception: 13 @ 6000:00000647 - Halting
Code: 0 eflags: 00000013
eax: 11ffe000 ebx: 80007800 ecx: 00001012 edx: 25fff002
edi: 0000102d esi: 00000028 ebp: 00000ff4 esp: 00000fec

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