[coreboot] Hardware damaged?

mark mark at tvk.rwth-aachen.de
Tue May 4 14:39:44 CEST 2010


I wanted to flash coreboot onto my VIE Epia-M; this is what I did:
1) bought an identical Bios chip to have a working copy of the old bios
2) checked out coreboot, filo, flashrom
3) dumped the bios with flashrom into a file and wrote that file onto the new 
chip with flashrom, after hotswapping the chip. I verified each step with 
flashrom, no problems here.
Now the board booted with both chips, everything was fine.

Then I dumped the video-bios, compiled filo and compiled coreboot after 
configuring it.
It compiled successfully and I wrote the rom-file onto the new chip and 
The computer started and printed some random, weird, colorful blocks all 
around the screen, nothing else happened.
So I removed the new chip and inserted the old chip, which still contained the 
working, official bios.
But after starting up the computer, the screen remained black and nothing 
happend, except that the harddrive spinned up; no beep, nothing.
Changed back to the new, not working chip (which at least showed some color), 
but same effect here.

Did I brick the board somehow, or is it possible that coreboot bricked it 
somehow? I don't understand, what part of the board could have been damaged 
here. Short circuit?



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