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What about the video card limits?

Mvh Anders

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Emne: [coreboot] computers with Coreboot BIOS
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Joseph Smith wrote:

>> <<<<
>> Free BIOS (Coreboot, etc.): 
>> ---------------------------
>> Our
>> computers are not yet available with a Free BIOS, but we are very
>> interested in offering that option in the future. We can build systems
>> with Coreboot as the BIOS, but there will be some limitations as to
>> certain video cards (ATI for 3D), processors, motherboards, memory,
>> WiFi, and other areas as well. Please write us if you are interested. 
> Yes that is good news Pete. 
> I don't really get the part about "limitations" though, why would those
> items have "limitations"?
They probably meant that since there are no modern Intel chipsets or 
CPU's currently supported by coreboot that this will be limited to AMD 
only. Plus AMD DDR3 support is only ~1 week old.


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