[coreboot] [FILO] r114 - in trunk/filo: . include/grub main/grub

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Mar 27 21:35:50 CET 2010


thank you very much for your review of the code...

On 3/27/10 4:14 PM, baiyin cai wrote:
> there is an bug(at least in my eyes).
> /main/grub/grub.c
> line 937:
> plen=strrchr(CMDLINE_TMP,'/') -(CMDLINE_TMP+7) +1;
> function strrchr returns the pointer which is (char*), right?

it subtracts a char pointer from another char pointer to get the length
of the string in between. Seemed to do the right thing for me... Did you
experience trouble?


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