[coreboot] vendors:

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 17:54:48 CET 2010

We're looking at getting a small cluster (150 nodes or so) at Sandia.

After using a 128-node Dell cluster for a while with a standard BIOS
and IPMI, and having used coreboot on a 2048 node cluster in years
past, I can't stand the thought of dealing with standard BIOS, EFI,
and IPMI in a new cluster.

So I'm going to require coreboot but, more to the point, it has to be
a currently supported coreboot. I have vendors saying "We'll port
coreboot once we get your order". That's not good enough.

So, I figure presence on this list is a good filter. If you are a
vendor and you sell coreboot mainboards, and they are in the repo, you
can contact me to tell me a bit about what you've got. It needs to be
real now, not real "once the order comes". The test is easy: is it in
the repo and do we know it works.

This is not a request for a quote, just a request for information. I'm
not allowed to do RFQs. Rules.

Please use 'coreboot cluster' as your subject line.



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